Easily Stream Music Via YouTube With Streamus For Chrome

Online options to stream music are now plentiful — Spotify, Grooveshark and Pandora, just to name a few — but it'd be nice if there was an alternative that didn't require constantly using a website or downloading software. Fortunately for Chrome users, an extension called Streamus is that alternative.

Despite coming with a "beta" tag, Streamus is very functional, with a well-designed interface and no configuration requirements. You can create playlists and search for clips directly from the extension's widget and when you find the video you're after, you can queue it up or play it immediately.

That's all there is to it, but if you're desperate from settings to tweak, you can click on the widget and select "Options" from the dropdown. From here you can alter the video quality and set up a few reminders, but otherwise it's pleasing lightweight.

Streamus [Chrome Web Store, via TechCrunch]


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