Downsize Your Bulky Keys By Chopping Off The Tops

Downsize Your Bulky Keys By Chopping Off the Tops

Keys have a tendency to destroy pockets. If you're sick of carrying around your bulk of a keychain, do what Reddit user mattfrancis13 did and cut off the top of your keys to make them smaller.

The basic idea here is that mattfrancis13 clamped down each key, sawed off the tops, drilled a hole into them, and then clipped them together with a nut and bolt. They look like they might be easy to lose, but cutting down on the size of your keys might be worth that risk. Otherwise, you can always stuff them into a Leatherman or a Swiss Army knife. Head over to Reddit for the full guide.

I was tired of my bulk keys, so I made this! [Reddit via WonderHowTo]


    Looks like a great way for me to forget which key goes in which lock.

    Also looks like it would make the keys extremely difficult to turn in the lock

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