Employ The 'Mr. Miyagi' Trick To Relieve Headaches

Do you suffer from headaches or tired, sore eyes? This simple heat-application trick made famous by The Karate Kid actually works. No really.

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The original Karate Kid culminated with the film's hero, Daniel Larusso, sustaining a serious leg injury which threatens to knock him out of the karate championship finals. At the last minute, his sensei Mr. Miyagi heals the injury using a mysterious oriental massage trick:

Naturally, Daniel goes on to defeat the bad guys and win the tournament to the majestic strains of 1980s cock rock. It's awesome.

But anyway. While it probably can't fix ghastly leg injuries, Mr. Miyagi's magic hand rub is actually pretty effective at relieving pain: especially in the eye and temple area. I've been employing this trick on myself and my wife for years now and it truly does work.

Here's a testimonial from my missus:

I frequently suffer from headaches. Sometimes when I don't feel like taking Panadol, I'll get my husband to do a trick with his hands that quickly relieves the pressure. He firmly rubs his hands together extremely fast, then gently applies his palms to my eyes. This causes the pain to recede almost straight away. It doesn't eradicate the pain completely, but even a small amount of relief is always welcome!

The trick is to keep rubbing until it's almost unbearable, then whip them onto your patient's eyes as quickly as possible. You'll also want to keep your hands in place for at least thirty seconds to allow the heat to transfer.

Give it a try the next time your partner complains they have a headache. It also works for tired eyes. [Disclaimer: If they end up dying for whatever reason, please refer your complaints to Mr. Miyagi.]


    Or... get a warm hand towel?

      How DARE you bring a logical answer to this article!

    It must be true, a blogger on the internet said it would work.

    When I get headaches I get my wife to elbow into trigger points in my shoulders (trapezius) to the point that the pain is unbearable until each point releases. Getting this done regularly if you normally suffer from headaches is a great preventative measure.

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