DIY Pac-Man Furniture From A $15 IKEA Stool

Need more Pac-Man in your life? (Actually, everyone needs that.) Take a $14.99 IKEA Frosta stool, perform some simple handywork, and you're done.

The post by Michael Thuden describing this design calls it a "scrotum crusher", which rather ignores the possibility that you could rotate the seat to make the sitting position a tad more comfortable. That said, it's a design statement rather than a comfort one. Check the video for more details, and get sawing! (I'm contemplating doing this but painting the stool yellow for added authenticity.)

[IKEA hack -Pacman scrotum crusher - FROSTA stool [Impossible And Anamorphic Figures via IKEA Hackers]


    If it was painted pacman yellow on the top it would look awesome. One could also modify them to look like pacman ghosts, a bit more skill involved but hey would look great in the games room with a cocktail arcade machine.

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