Dell Is A Thin Client That Plugs Into Your TV

OK, this is a neat way of giving your staff secure access to cloud services. The Dell Wyse Cloud Connect is a dongle you can plug into the HDMI or MHL port on any available display to connect to existing workplace services.

This isn't a perfect solution for portability, since you'll still need to have a keyboard and mouse to work through your documents. However, it's a neat extension of the existing notion of media centre dongles into the work environment, and easier to manage than a smartphone. Dell is selling the device for $187 a pop.



    "Dell is a..." ? Really. That does not seem accurate. Also, a Dell stick in an LG monitor? Really?

    Le sigh.

      That's a promo shot from Del (see the link under the article), not LifeHacker, who gave us the great article title. Dell tv make now.

      Dell show their monitors as the "perfect companion" guess that old LG Is really the perfect companion though :P

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