Cut These Vague And Meaningless Words From Your Resume

Cut These Vague, Cliched, and Meaningless Words from Your Resume

Most resumes have to make it through an automated keyword sorter before they even stand a chance at getting a brief examination by an actual human recruiter — and that recruiter is looking for quick reasons to eliminate your resume from the stack. Finding a job almost seems like winning the lottery. You can boost your odds by deleting these words.

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As financial blog WiseBread points out, there are certain words that just aren't doing any good in your resume. At best, they're vague or cliched and just take up much-needed space. At worst, they can be downright inappropriate.

Among their list of words you should delete:

  • Microsoft Office. Not only is it not so relevant anymore, it's assumed that you have competency in basic computer skills.
  • Utilise (and other "ises"). Lose the business-speak and go with simple, direct words like "use."
  • Passion. Everyone applying for a job is passionate about everything. It's a meaningless word at this point.
  • Hard-working. This, along with other words like "driven", are a good example of telling rather than showing. Instead of telling the recruiter that you're a hard worker, let the skills and results you include on your resume show that fact on their own.

Check out WiseBread's post below for the full list of words it's time to stop using on resumes.

12 Words You Need to Delete From Your Resume Right Now [WiseBread]


    CVs and resumes ought to be frank and to the point without unneeded weasel words and cliched phrases.

    Even though I'll probably never look for another job again, my Excel skills are a definite selling point (in an Engineering company), so I would mention that if I wrote a resume...

      Sure, but in that situation you'd draw attention to specific projects you have completed with excel rather that just saying "Excel Proficient" or something.

    Good timing... one of my tasks this weekend is to sift through 42 applications for any potential interview candidates. Maybe I'll draw up a BINGO card of the words or better yet... make up my own Resume Drinking Game... yeah I like that idea MUCH better. :)

    Eh, when employers start deleting those requirements from job ads I'll adjust the resume accordingly.

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