Cut The Greens Off Fresh Carrots To Store Them Longer

Cut the Greens Off Fresh Carrots to Store Them Longer

Buying fresh carrots from the farmer's market is great, but it sucks when they're limp and grody after a day or so. Slow down the process by cutting the greens off the ends of your carrots.

Picture: Fovea Centralis

As food blog The Kitchn points out, the greens at the top of carrots will continue to suck the nutrients out of the carrot when you store them. Cutting them off can make them last longer. If you want to squeeze a bit more time out of them, The Kitchn also suggests storing them in a covered, water-filled container. In fact, a non-plastic container will work best.

How Do I Keep My Carrots Crisp and Fresh? [The Kitchn]


    Cut the top off the carrot with the greens because Isn't it possible to then plant the top with green and regrow?

      Not really, it would throw more roots but not another big tap root.

      Incidentally the absolutely best way to store them is to take the top off and leave the root in the ground

        Stops them from growing or ripening until you need it? Then pull it out and cook.

    Something like that, cutting the tops off will stop it from growing and going woody but able to take in enough water to keep them fresh till you want them.

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