Collect Drilling Dust With An Envelope

All you want to do is drill a little hole in your wall to hang a picture frame or put up a shelf. But you pull your drill out of the newly created hole, dust falls all over the floor, and now you have to go find a broom or a vacuum. Why not save yourself the effort and catch that dust before it hits the floor?

Instrucables user Daghansa shows us how we can build a dust collector with just an envelope and tape. Sure, it’s a simple trick, and dust is pretty easy to clean up anyway, but there are times this tip could be truly handy. If you’re hanging something over the bed, you may not want to get dust all over the headboard and pillows. If you’re hanging something over a heavy piece of furniture, why not catch that dust before it falls down behind the furniture and becomes a real hassle to clean up? Oh, and if you don’t have an envelope handy, you could always try a sticky note.

For full instructions, check out the Instructable below.

Drill dust collector from an envelope [Instructables]