Chrome Supervised Users Let You Manage Access On Chromebooks

The latest desktop version of Chrome included a new feature: "supervised users", who can sign into Chrome but only access a restricted set of options. That could be useful if you want an easy way to control Chromebooks within the workplace.

You can add new supervised users by choosing Settings —> Users from the main Chrome menu, choosing "Add new user" and then making sure "This is a supervised user" is ticked. Chrome also includes a management console where you can set privileges for individual users.

As Google Operating System notes, this feature is particularly handy for parents who want to ensure their kids don't browse to unsafe content (Safe Search is enabled and can't be switched off, and extensions can't be installed). It might also be useful on a workplace 'kiosk' Chromebook machine in a break room. While the feature works on any platform, on Windows and Mac machines other browsers are likely to be available unless you expend a lot of effort implementing policies.

Add Supervised Users in Chrome [Google Operating System]


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