Briefly: Hangover Myths, Exploding Watermelons, The Best ISP For Piracy

The watermelon might be the best thing to see explode in slow motion

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: seven hangover myths busted, the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle, a history of Grammys frocks.

  • It's Friday, so here's a video of an exploding watermelon. You're welcome.
  • A Star Wars fan with too much time on his hands has painstakingly recreated some of the film's most iconic movie sets for his action figures to lounge in. You can check out a gallery of his handiwork here.
  • PopSugar has published a gallery of the 50 most iconic Grammys outfits of all time. Click here to see the gowns that stunned, shocked, and scandalised Tinseltown.
  • We're about to enter the long weekend, which means too much drinking for some. Here are seven common misconceptions about the dreaded hangover, along with some advice on how to cure them.
  • In other myth-busting news, here's the truth about the Bermuda Triangle. Oooooooh.
  • According to a new Measurement Lab study, the best internet service provider for BitTorrent users (in terms of service-level speed throttling) is Dodo. The budget ISP only interferes with 11 per cent of BitTorrent download traffic on average. The worst ISP was iiNet, which reportedly messes with 21 per cent of BitTorrent connections. Read the full stats at TorrentFreak.


    Been with iiNet for around 14 (?) years. Never had trouble with torrents, and never received an infringement notice.

      It's not whether they're sending notices, it's about whether they're throttling traffic - purposefully slowing you down when they spot you torrenting.

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