Briefly: Hackett On NBN Co, Astonishing YouTube Videos, GOG 'Time Machine' Sale

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Simon Hackett compares NBN Co job to plumbing, get up to 90% off historic PC games at, the craziest YouTube clips you will see all day.

  • Zapatou's popular 'Best of Web' YouTube videos contain some of the most amazing and death-defying images you're ever likely to see. The sixth installment is now available for your viewing pleasure.
  • THX Tune-Up is an Android calibration tool for TV and sound systems. The app features custom video test patterns, photos and tutorials to help you adjust and confirm the best picture settings on your display based on room light conditions, as well as special audio tests and external speaker checks to confirm they are in phase and are working properly for 2-channel stereo or 5.1 sound systems. For a limited time, you can download the app for free from Google Play.
  • Have you ever wondered what causes motion sickness? Sit back and allow Gizmodo to drop its science on those assembled.
  • Former Internode bigwig Simon Hackett recently joined NBN Co. In his latest blog post, Hackett explains why he made the move. (It's all about plumbing, apparently.)
  • Officeworks is currently selling iTunes gift cards for 20 per cent off, including 3x multipacks.
  • Actual headline: The LEGO Blowjob Competition Is Cancelled. We have nothing to add to this.
  •'s latest video game sale is all about celebrating the history of gaming. The sale includes iconic PC titles from the years 1983-2013, with savings of up to 90% off. Click here to check out the deals.


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