BeardedSpice Uses Your Mac's Media Keys For Web-Based Music Players

BeardedSpice Uses Your Mac's Media Keys for Web Based Music Players

Mac: Ever accidentally hit your Mac's media keys trying to control YouTube, Pandora, Soundcloud or another media site in your browser? It doesn't usually work so well, but BeardedSpice is a simple little menubar app that makes it possible.

BeardedSpice lets you control any open tab in Chrome or Safari with the media keys if you're listening to music on a handful of sites:

  • YouTube
  • HypeMachine
  • Spotify (Web)
  • Pandora
  • BandCamp
  • GrooveShark
  • SoundCloud
  • Google Music
  • Rdio

As you'd expect, it works in the background, so if you use something like BandCamp to listen to music, you can pause, play and skip tracks without opening your browser window.

BeardedSpice [via Hacker News]


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