AWS EC2 Usage Reports Make It Easier To Track Your Cloud Habits

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has added extra utilisation reports to its EC2 cloud platform, allowing you track how you've used resources in the past. Two new reports have been added to the AWS management console, covering both standard and reserved instances.

Picture: David McNew/Getty

The reports can be customised for hourly, daily or monthly summaries, and show the cost and usage across your instances. Data can be exported as a spreadsheet or in graph form (handy when it's time to write that annoying quarterly summary for your manager).

To see the reports, you'll need to enable the Detailed Billing Reports with Resources and Tags setting in your account (there's a detailed walkthrough here). Amazon says it will take a few hours after enabling this for the data to first become available.

Amazon EC2 Instance Usage and Reserved Instance Utilization Reports [AWS Blog]


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