Ask LH: Can I Post Gumtree Ads From Overseas?

Ask LH: Can I Post Gumtree Ads From Overseas?

Hey Lifehacker, I am trying to post an ad on Gumtree to sell my car back home in Australia from where I live in Norway. Gumtree only allows Australian IP addresses to post ads and my dad seems to be incapable of posting the ad for me back home.

I tried some proxy servers with no luck. Is there any other way to get around this? Thanks, Car Clearout

Dear CC,

Unfortunately, Gumtree is quite strict about only allowing Australian based invidividuals and business to use the service, even if the product being sold is local. (You can read up on their posting policies here.)

That being said, have you tried using Hola? This is a free service that grants access to region-blocked content from anywhere in the world. You simply install the extension, then go to the website with the region-blocked content you want to access.

Failing that, another possible solution would be to enlist a stranger to post the ad for you using the crowdsouring site Airtasker. To use Airtasker, you simply post on the site, listing what you want done and what you’re willing to pay.

We’ve used the site in the past to get takeaway food delivered to our office and we found the process to be very straightforward and reliable. Hope this helps!

We’ll also throw this one open to our readers. If anyone has a better idea, let CC know in the comments section below.

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  • maybe not that feasible given the dad’s problem with posting an ad, but install a remote desktop program (for example Logmein) on the father’s computer. Once that is done all it requires is the computer in Australia to be online and you have full access in Australia.

  • Airtasker seems like the simplest option. However another option that springs to mind is signing up to Amazon Web Services then launching a Windows cloud server in their Sydney region. That way you can remote desktop on to the server, post the ad then close down the cloud server.

    At $0.020 USD an hour, you would pay less than $1 for the whole exercise.

  • Get an Aussie VPN service for a nominal fee and cancel when you no longer need it.

    Or get someone you know to run a proxy for you.

  • If you have a server running at home best option would be to VNC into it and use it. But I’m tipping if you had a server at home you would have the know how to make this happen 🙂

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