Artery Alert: KFC's '9 For $9.95' Deal Is Back

To commemorate the Australia Day long weekend, KFC has re-introduced its 9 for $9.95 Tuesdays deal — that's nine pieces of finger-lickin' chicken crammed into a greasy box. At $1.10 per piece, this is excellent value for money, but eating the whole thing in one sitting definitely isn't advised. Read on for the calorie damage.

Following in the footsteps of Hungry Jack's Twosdays promotion, KFC has brought back its $9.95 nine-piece chicken deal. This works out to around $1.10 per piece; better than supermarket prices.

According to KFC’s nutrition guide, the 9 For $9.95 deal has a total energy count of approximately 8032.5kJ. That's practically your entire daily energy intake in one sitting, even if you refrain from a soft drink and chips. As you'd expect, the deal also contains a dangerous amount of sodium and saturated fats — 4041 milligrams and a whopping 25.2 grams, respectively.

That said, the '9 For $9.95' box is a great way to split a naughty lunch between a pair of co-workers (three pieces should be more than enough for most people) or as a cheap family dinner. Alternatively, you could freeze the remainder for when late-night hunger pangs strike.

As we noted last year, you can bolster the value even further by requesting extra breast and thigh pieces. (KFC has a policy against this, but we find most employees will happily flout it if their manager isn't watching.)

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    I bet the caged chickens don't like this.

      have to feed the masses some how

        Pinto Beans, legumes, potato in mass and then smaller quantities of humanely raised meat.
        We just don't have to torture animals.

        And if it's the only way to eat the delicious chicken, then yeah, we really do. Chicken really is the best food. If you're ever hungry for something and you're not really sure what it is that you're craving, chicken is always a perfectly acceptable substitute. Especially roasted, with those special juices they add. Tender, moist thigh meat can't be beaten.

        When I was at uni, I knew a girl who had been raised vegan. She'd never eaten meat in her entire life. Of course being out from under her parents' wings at uni, she was able to rebel and try some meat. We corrupted her with roast chicken and gravy. I swear to God she damn near climaxed right there at the table. She was so mad at her parents for keeping this from her for her entire life to that point.

    Has anyone tried freezing and reheating KFC?

      When I was working there (years ago), the older boxes had reheating instructions on them. It was something like 20 mins at 200 degrees. They took them off for some strange reason (maybe they ran into trouble with people not following the instructions properly and getting sick).

        Wrap in alfoil in the oven for 10 mins or so on 200C, gets a bit dry if overcooked.

          Sounds about right. It's been a long time.

      I tried reheating (just the chicken, not a burger or anything) after a night in the fridge and it was terrible.

        Did you microwave or put it in the oven?

          In the oven, but not in foil (like @boomzzilla suggests). I would say I'd try that method next time... but realistically I'd probably just eat it or chuck it ;-)

            Wrapped in foil keeps it from getting too dried out, and remember you only have yo re-heat it not cook it.

    The 9 for $9.95 is fantastic value, but I find that I can never eat that much and it's usually pretty terrible re-heated (yeah, even in an oven). $5 will get you two thigh pieces (the BEST pieces) any day of the week anyway.

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