Amazon Redshift Now Has A Cheaper Option For Small Data Warehouses

Amazon Redshift, the data warehousing service based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, has been available in Australia since last October. Amazon has now introduced a new option, Dense Compute, designed for warehouses less than 500GB in size or where performance is a major issue.

The existing hard disk based Dense Storage option remains available. That costs more per hour, but also offers much higher storage volumes (up to 16TB). Here's what's on offer, with the prices for both the Sydney and US East centres (both quoted in US dollars). As usual, Sydney is more expensive.

Type vCPU ECU Memory (GB) Storage I/O Sydney US East
Dense Storage dw1.xlarge 2 4.4 15 2TB HDD 0.30GB/s $1.250 per hour $0.850 per hour
Dense Storage dw1.8xlarge 16 35 120 16TB HDD 2.40GB/s $10.000 per hour $6.800 per hour
Dense Compute dw2.large 2 7 15 0.16TB SSD 0.20GB/s $0.330 per hour $0.250 per hour
Dense Compute dw2.8xlarge 32 104 244 2.56TB SSD 3.70GB/s $6.400 per hour $4.800 per hour

Amazon Redshift


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