'You Can Have A Good Idea That Everyone Thinks Is Dumb'

When you have a great idea, the first thing you want to do is share with people. Sometimes, people hate it. But as Dinosaur Comics creator Ryan North reminds us, people think good ideas are dumb all the time.

Photo by Berto Garcia.

Speaking with The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy, North talks about the release of the Machine of Death anthology, and how publishers were against it:

People would say, "We love the book, but it will never sell because a) it's an anthology, b) there's no big name authors, and c) it's genre fiction, science fiction, and those are three strikes." But, they don't have to be. You can have a good idea that everyone thinks is dumb, and it's still a good idea.

The book ended up selling really well on Amazon despite publishers thinking it was a dumb idea.

Interview: Ryan North [Lightspeed]


    totally agree with that, back in 2000 I used to cycle with a webcam strapped to my bike helmet and feeding it through to a laptop in my backpack so I could record my rides, I approached a lot of investors to try and get them to invest in shrinking it to the size of a 35mm camera in a rugged smash proof case.

    I was told it was a ridiculous idea and no one would be interested... Wish I had of persevered with it. GoPro anyone?

    I love Dinosaur Comics, used to read it every day back in 2003/04 and now just rarely if I need a good chuckle, keep up the great work!

      you def should have persevered. but therein lies the main issue with good ideas everytone thinks are dumb. most people in any kind of return on investment scenario, be it their time listening to you or their potential money thrown at you, you have to show them why they're wrong and that often takes a lot of work/time/money and even then you still need a healthy dose of luck to break on through to the other side. perseverance is reward in of itself.

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