Wrap Gifts In Fabric To Save Money And Reduce Waste

Wrap Gifts In Fabric To Save Money And Reduce Waste

Every year, millions of gifts are given wrapped in disposable paper that gets ripped apart and thrown away. Save yourself some trouble and give a uniquely-wrapped present by tying it up in a fabric bow.

As craft blog My Own Labels points out, you can use a small piece of fabric to make an impressive-looking gift. More specifically, the type of fold they use is based on the Japanese technique called furoshiki. While the method is usually used to carry regular parcels, it’s fantastic for wrapping gifts, and it allows you to re-use the wrapping again next year without precariously pulling apart paper and tape.

Holiday How-To: Furoshiki Gift Wrap [My Own Labels via BuzzFeed]


  • Not sure fabric is going to be cheaper unless you’re using rags. Lets take it to the next logical step and use news paper…
    Oh.. wait… I forgot I don’t do Christmas anymore… please disregard my last… 🙂

    • It’s not about the cost so much as that the fabric remains useful after unwrapping since you can’t easily tear it apart 😛

      • Yeah I got that, but unless there’s sufficient to make something with it, and the person receiving the gift can actually make use of it, it seems kinda pointless. I suppose, if they get enough gifts with cloth rapping they could make a patchwork shirt or doonah cover…? 🙂

        • Or wrap moar presents in it next year 😛

          Personally at home I use fabric for tissues as I pretty much constantly have allergies and using tissues 24/7 is a complete waste.

  • To make them useful, wrap presents in tea towels. You can get them in Christmas colours (red and green), different sizes and often cheap. Tea towels are also that ubiquitous household item that will always get used.

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