The Evils Of Photoshop Laid Bare [Video]

The Evils Of Photoshop Laid Bare [Video]

Fashion photographers have always been guilty of applying a little too much airbrush in a bid to make their subjects look as flawless as possible. However, you may be surprised by the level of digital manipulation involved in modern images. This astonishing time-lapse video reveals how crazy Photoshop trickery has become.

The above video was produced by the non-profit crowdsourcing group Global Democracy to demonstrate the most common Photoshop techniques used in the fashion industry prior to the publication of an image. Everything from body weight to eye size has gone under the digital surgeon’s knife. As you can see, her digital transformation is startling — not to mention unattainably perfect.

What was once a normal, healthy looking woman has been moulded into an ethereal vision of plastic Barbie Doll perfection. Is it any wonder that so many woman in the world develop body dysmorphia? The models they are striving to compete with aren’t even real.

As we’ve mentioned numerous times on Takeaway Truth, there’s really no excuse for companies to pass off heavily photoshopped images as reality, no matter what they’re selling. Global Democracy appears to agree with this sentiment: the group is pushing for mandatory disclaimers for digital manipulation in advertising. You can find out more at the GD website.


  • Those last pics aren’t really a valid comparison. I don’t know many women at all that’ll leave their houses without makeup. The majority of Photoshop in use on this pic make her look alien (long neck, big eyes) and have gone way too far just to exaggerate their point.

      • 20-40 year olds mainly. Yes, I work with a lot of models (I’m a casual photographer that sometimes gets paid), but I do also have a lot of friends not in the industry.

    • Yeah I thought they overcooked it a bit for this video which slightly detracts from the point (people can say well that clearly looks fake and ridiculous) but the power of photoshop used well is quite spectacular, and often disturbing.

  • The modified image is edging towards Uncanny Valley territory. It really does look just a bit too perfect (except for the neck, which is just plain creepy).

  • My initial take on the image was an underestimation of how much it had been photoshopped. Which shows it had manipulated me.
    The modifications to make the model look FAR skinnier and the big creepy eyes were astonishing.

  • I found this video a day or 2 back when reading a review of the South Park episode that referred it.
    It’s out there on youtube somewhere.
    Now I know I shouldn’t have been surprised at this (I really, really shouldn’t) but the comments against that video were crazy. People were fixating in on the ‘evils of photoshop’ line. There were comments saying things like: “I have photoshop on my computer, after seeing this I will be uninstalling it”.
    People actually thought photoshop was evil! I guess i stumbled into some back-water, red-neck, bible-belt, book-burning area of the internet…

  • I LOL at the idea that this has only started happening since “Photoshop”.

    Also, to make the point properly, doing the PS properly would have been a good start.

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