Use Analytics To Work Out When Your Staff Are Going To Quit

Big data doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it’s only useful when you need to solve a specific problem. One potential use you might not have thought of? Identifying when your staff are about to quit.

Quitting picture from Shutterstock

At a media event in Sydney today, Sitecore ANZ sales director ANZ Kyle McManus mentioned an Australian government department that was using analytics to track staff usage of its internal web sites as a measure of whether those staff are likely to quit. “This department can predict with 90 per cent accuracy when someone is going to quit.”

McManus wouldn’t name the department, but noted that given the high cost of training, the analytics process paid for itself by identifying potential quitters prior to their exit, potentially saving on having to repeat the process. You might not have a site that lends itself to similar analysis, but it’s a reminder that analytics to solve a defined issue are easier to justify than speculative attempts.


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