Use A Raspberry Pi To Automate Your Blinds And Air Conditioner

Keeping your house cool (or warm) is often all about timing. To that end, you sometimes need to tweak when your blinds are open, when they’re closed, and when the air conditioner is running. If you want to set all those things on a schedule, DIYer Chris Rieger shows how he used a Raspberry Pi to automate his blinds and air conditioner.

Using a Raspberry Pi, WiFi dongle, a old stepper motor, driver and a few other parts, Rieger created a system where he could control both his blinds and his air conditioner from a web interface. It’s a pretty simple automation project, but if you live in a place where the sun comes blasting in at a fixed time every day it can save you some money on that energy bill.

Raspberry Pi Blind & AC Controller [Chris Rieger via Hack a Day]

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