Use A Plagiarism Checker To Get References For A Research Paper

Getting all your citations together for a research paper can take a lot of work, and you might miss a few if you're not careful. To avoid this problem, redditor Disguising suggests finding what you need fast by using a plagiarism checker.

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When you run your paper through a checker, you'll find a bunch of sources you can use to quickly assemble a bibliography. This takes less work than figuring it out yourself through the books (though that's the ethical way to do it). Here are a few checkers you can use:

Your mileage may vary with the different tools, so you probably should run your paper through a few of them to get all your sources. You'll know if it missed anything, as you have the books, so you can always add the remaining sources the hard way if it did. This method just might give you a few extra sources to cite, however, so you can make sure you don't wind up getting accused of plagiarism when you didn't do anything wrong.

If you need references for your paper, run it through a plagiarism checker [Reddit]


    OR Be organised, and learn how to reference properly in the first place. There are so many tools these days that make it easy. Doing it backwards isn't one of them.

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