Track What Google Can Do With Google Tips

Track What Google Can Do With Google Tips

Google is getting bigger and bigger, and it’s getting harder to track down all the things you can do with it. Smart layout aside, there’s only so much functionality you can fit into a given bit of space – so now there’s Google Tips, a website that tackles the issue starting from the problem.

The new site features cards that display a problem you might be wanting to solve, allowing you to click through to the solution. It’s an effective sideways approach that will probably be more useful than tutorials for the average user. But there are a lot more little things that a Google account can do, for which there’s still no way to learn other than asking your resident expert. Here’s looking forward to the database being expanded to include even the tiny, yet immensely useful, solutions.

Funnily enough for a Google product, there doesn’t seem to be a “search” method – but it does allow you to suggest a card, signalling a desire to grow the service.

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