Tie Your Shoes In Two Moves For The Fastest Knot

If you need to tie your shoes and haven't a second to spare, YouTube user Hank shows how to tie a workable knot so quickly it seems like magic.

Strictly speaking, the above method is just a faster way to tie a granny knot which, as we've learned before, is not the most secure knot. On the other hand, the granny knot is how many of us have been tying our shoes for years, and while it's less than ideal, society is still functioning. So, if you're more interested in tying your shoes fast (and in a way that looks really cool) than perfect, this is the method for you. (We've mentioned this method before, but a little reinforcement never hurt anyone.)

How Hank (doesn't) Tie His Shoes [YouTube]


    Well, that's almost a good way to tie shoes, if you like non-secure granny knots. The exact same method, if done properly, can result in a proper and secure knot, so this dude has, unfortunately, been doing it wrong.

    http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/ianknot.htm shows you the proper way. Basically, if you get the starting bit wrong (like the video shows) then the knot ends up crooked. If it is crooked, with the loops going forward and backward rather than to the sides, then you have it arse about.

    I've tied my shoes like this (but properly) for years now, and I have only needed to re-tie them if my children have pulled them untied. It happens.

    I must remember this for then next time an united shoelace monster chases me.

    "Granny Knot" = Left over Right + Left over Right (or RoL+RoL...) = insecure - laces come undone
    & Sits "crooked" at around 45 degrees
    "Reef Knot" (aka square knot) = Left over Right + Right over Left (or RoL+LoR...) = secure
    Sits square (with the bows pointing across the shoe).

    "Bow" = either reef or granny with the ends "slipped" through for quick release.

    So always do one way first, then the other way, so you get a reef bow.

    Applies whether you use the traditional method, or the quick method in the video.

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