These Awesome Life Hacks Will Make Your Holidays Happier

The holidays are hectic enough without wasting time on drudgery. These 10 tips from Grant Thompson, aka the “King of Random,” will help you save time wrapping gifts, storing wrapping paper, and even making a tasty holiday breakfast.

Some of the tips are ones we’ve covered before:

  • Fill an old, cleaned out ketchup or squeeze bottle with pancake batter for perfect pancakes: Grab an old ketchup or condiment bottle, clean it out really well, and fill it with pancake batter. Then flip it over and you can pour perfectly round, even pancakes with no drips. Fancy it up by using Christmas-themed cookie cutters for tree pancakes, or make your own!
  • Repurpose chip bags into wrapping bows: The video shows you they also work well as last-minute gift bags, although you’ll definitely want to give them a good cleaning. Cut off a section at the top and use it as a bow.
  • Use a bread tag to hold your place on a tape roll: Just apply the bread tag at the end of the tape each time you remove a piece, and you’ll always know where the end is. Plus, you’ll have a tab you can use to pull up the tape easily.

There are plenty more tips in the video, and demonstrations of each of these, so it’s definitely worth a watch. Hit the Instructables link below to check out photos from each of the tips, including these ones, so you can put them to good use yourself.

10 Life Hacks You Need to Know for Christmas [Instructables]


  • Life hack: Stock your toilet with magazines, fill your phone or tablet with games, movies and songs and most importantly, invest in a waterproof bag that’s big enough to store a bottle of vodka.

    Hang in there, the undesirable elements of your family only come to visit once a year. Use your vodka, magazines and games wisely, stay strong, and we’ll get through the holiday season together!

  • I’m looking forward to receiving christmas gifts this year wrapped in old Doritos packets.

    Some people might disagree, but I don’t think this practice makes the giver look like a tight-arse derro.

    I’m saving up all the vouchers, coupons and advertisements we get in the mail to give to family members. I think this comes across as a thoughtful gift. Especially after I sort them and make sure the heavier members of my family get an ample supply of 50% off gym membership vouchers.

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