The Words People Spell Incorrectly On Their Resumes

One context where accurate spelling absolutely matters: on your resume. If you can’t be bothered using a spell checker, why even apply? Yet a list of the most common errors found on resumes suggests many people simply don’t bother checking.

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According to US job site, these are the most common mistakes it finds in resumes uploaded to its site:


  • dianostic
  • voulunter
  • assiating
  • apllying
  • resently
  • assembeld
  • proffitts
  • childen


  • mainteance
  • efficently
  • prepration
  • distict
  • excessivly
  • judjement
  • spectrometery
  • schuele


What’s shocking about this list is that none of the entries involve confusion between two similar but distinct words. They’re all flat-out wrong, which any word processor or browser would tell you. Make those mistakes and the odds of you ever finding another job are low. Accuracy matters.

[via Business Insider]

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