The Fussy Librarian Recommends Books In Daily Emails

The Fussy Librarian Recommends Books In Daily Emails

Web: If you want to know which books should be on your reading list, then sign up for The Fussy Librarian. Set up your preferences and you will get daily emails with recommendations for books, along with links to buy the ebooks on a number of stores.

The setup process is a one-time affair. Enter your email address and choose from the different genres in fiction and non-fiction. Set your language preferences and choose the kind of content you want in terms of language, violence and sexual content. You can update your preferences through a link in the emails.

The Fussy Librarian will then send you daily emails with details of ebooks, and prices across various stores. It currently supports Kindle, Apple, Android, Nook and Smashwords. Given the number of novels you will have to read after this, here’s Dan Shipper’s secret to reading a lot of books.

The Fussy Librarian [via Deborah Jay]