The Extreme Closeup Windows Desktop

The Extreme Closeup Desktop

I hate bugs, especially pesty, infesting bugs. So consider this my penance, or me trying to come to terms with it. Joergermeister's desktop is a study in how interesting some insects can be at super-close range, but it doesn't stop him from getting some work done either. Here's how he set it up.

Even if you don't particularly care for the wallpaper, the rest still works well without it. It's worth noting that the wallpaper is actually colour inverted in Photoshop to get that otherworldly blue-and-white appeal, and the original image (linked below) is actually a straight closeup of the same fly. Here's what you'll need for your Windows system to get the same look:

That's all you need! Not too many components in this one. If you have questions about how Rodrigo got everything working just the way he did, head over to joergermeister's Flickr page to ask your questions! Don't forget to let him know we sent you!

Pimp My Desktop Part 49 [Flickr]


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