The DIY Corner Workspace

The DIY Corner Workspace

Today's featured workspace was lovingly and artfully created by Flickr user themillerexperience. The desk tucks in nicely into a corner, fitting in with the side cabinets, and sports a glass-like glossy top coat.


Desk made from cherry and hard maple. 1 1/4" slab finished with boiled linseed oil and epoxy resin for the glossy top coat. The epoxy resin is a perfect writing surface. Gets applied like melted glass and dries just as smooth as glass.

Besides the attractive desk, there's a sweet symmetrical balance to his set up. You can see more photos of the desk as it was being made in the Flickr link below.

Desk3 [Flickr]


    A very nice setup :) Hope to have one actually rather similar when I get my own place and can work on my own desk :)

    would love to see how he did the coating

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