Store Fishing Rods With A DIY PVC Organiser

Fishing rods can be unwieldy to pack and carry around, especially if you're transporting a lot of them. If you're on the road, you can keep them organised and upright with this DIY PVC holder.

Instructables user TampaGeek created this modular system that he can customise to suit the number of fishing rods he's transporting. The rod holders themselves are off-the-shelf gear, but the PVC base is custom. It can be expanded out into a stand to set the poles in your garage, or broken down into a mount to attach to the side of a cooler or wheeled cart. The specifics of the build will vary depending on how many rods you're storing and where you want to keep them, but the Instructable post gives you a great overview to get started.

PVC Modular Fishing Rod Holder [Instructables]


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