Remove Dough Around The Shapes For Perfect Cutout Cookies

One hassle when cooking gingerbread men or other biscuits/cookies with complex shapes: they can break when you transfer them onto the baking sheet. To avoid armless gingerbread men and trees without tops, Fine Cooking's Nicki Sizemore shares a great technique: removing the dough around the shapes.

First, roll out your dough on baking paper, and transfer that onto your baking tray. Then use your cutters to cut the shapes you want into the dough. Now, without moving the shapes, carefully pull away the dough between the shapes.

It's a delicate process, but it makes sure your cookies are perfectly positioned in the tray, ready to bake. As an added bonus, since you used baking paper, they won't stick to the tray.

How to make cut-out cookies that keep their shape [Howdini]


    I actually can't believe people didn't automatically do this already... If you cook the entire sheet of dough before removing the excess, it makes it exponentially harder to get the desired result. I generally DON'T cook the excess crap that doesn't need cooking, because it doesn't NEED cooking.

    Am I the only one who feels this way? Or have we had a major revelation here in that "HEY GUYS, CUT OUT THE COOKIES IN YOUR COOKIE CUTTER BEFORE COOKING THE COOKIES" process?

      You are normal.

      I can't fathom why people call it excess. You gather it together, roll it out again, press some more dong shapes - MORE COOKIES!

      I think you missed the point. This is to be done instead of jiggling the cookie cutter to get it out and then transferring it to the baking paper.

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