Remember To Search For Online Discount Codes This Christmas

Are you still finalising your presents for friends and family this Christmas? If so, it pays to do more digging than simply picking the best price on eBay or Google Shopping. Here’s a simple online search hack that could see you save up to 70 per cent in a few mouse clicks.

Online sale picture from Shutterstock

You’d be surprised by how many online stores offer discount codes in the lead-up to Christmas. The reason it’s surprising is that many of these deals are done on the sly, with no front page promotion. In other words, if you don’t know about the sale, you’ll get charged full price.

Last week, I sat down to do my online Christmas shopping with assorted family wishlists in hand. Instead of searching for the best advertised deal, I chose a retailer at random and Googled the phrase “discount code”. After a few searches, I managed to unearth discount codes of 20 per cent or more for nearly all of the items on my wishlists.

If I’d based my purchasing decision on the advertised price alone, most of these stores wouldn’t have been in contention. However, by conducting this secondary search, they became the best deal by a significant margin. If you don’t find a valid coupon, simply move on to another store and repeat the process until you strike gold.


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