Preserve Open Wine Longer By Using A Smaller Container

Preserve Open Wine Longer By Using A Smaller Container

Sometimes you can’t finish a bottle of wine but you don’t want to toss out the remaining amount. To preserve it longer, you need a good wine stopper or other tools. If one isn’t to hand, consider using a smaller container.

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Redditor Axel927 suggests that approach:

Honestly your best bet is to finish the wine. The reason the wine goes bad is contact with air, so here’s what I recommend: Pour the leftover wine into a smaller container – if the wine takes up most of the container volume, then there will be less room for air. A mason or canning jar works great. Make sure the seal is airtight. Keep it in something that is 70 degrees F or cooler.

If you don’t want to spend any money, this is not a bad way to make sure that wine doesn’t go to waste.

How do I keep an open wine bottle fresh longer without buying any gadgets [Reddit]


  • If you are that much of a tightass just buy cask wine, you are too tight to be buying “good” wine.

    It comes in a plastic bladder that shrinks with the wine, it keeps almost as long open as it does sealed.

  • Actually best bet would be a small soft drink bottle. While air is what sends it “off” it’s the surface area that counts. The narrow neck will help to protect it, where as a mason jar… Well it may as well stay in the old bottle.

    • Yeah pretty much what I was thinking too.. I don’t really see how the volume of the container is relevant..

    • Actually, just read the source article and they asked about fridging the wine. Somebody said no for reds but and wine that has been opened should be put back in the fridge to slow down the oxidation reactions that occur as soon as air is introduced to the mix.

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