PingTune Makes Finding And Sharing New Music With Friends Easy

iOS: PingTune is a new app and music community that lets you find, post, and share songs from YouTube or Soundcloud for your friends to hear. You share what’s on your mind, and in turn you get a constantly updating stream of new music to listen to.

The video above is short, but it gives you the basics of PingTuntes’ features. The service is new, so don’t be surprised if your friends aren’t on it yet. There are, however, plenty of interesting people to follow, and you can share your favourite songs outside of PingTune via Twitter or Facebook, much like other apps such as Soundtracking or one of my personal favourite music communities, This Is My Jam.

Where PingTune stands out is that you get a kind of music “inbox” as opposed to a stream of shares that you can scroll through and listen to at any time. Music in PingTune has been specifically shared with you, so you’ll know someone actually thinks you’ll like it or wants you to hear it. The app makes a great private music sharing service between you and your friends, or you can just use it to find something new and interesting to listen to. The app is free, and while it’s iOS only now, Android is on the way soon (and you can sign up to hear about it when it launches).

PingTune (Free) [iTunes App Store via PingTune]

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