Patch Tuesday: Windows, Exchange Join The Reboot Queue

Tomorrow is the last second Tuesday of the month of the year, so we'll see the last round of Patch Tuesday updates roll out by Wednesday Australian time. As usual, there's a whole lot of rebooting about to go on if you roll out the five critical updates.

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Critical updates to both Internet Explorer (every active version) and core Windows components mean you're unlikely to escape a reboot, even if you're running an IE-free Server Core installation. There's also a critical patch for every active version of Exchange: that doesn't require a reboot in itself, but since those machines will be running affected versions of Windows too, you'll need to schedule your maintenance with the customary care required.

Microsoft Security Bulletin


    There are still 4 more Tuesdays this year.

    What happened to the 17th, 24th and 31st? Are these no longer Tuesdays?

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