Optimise Your Cramming Time With This Venn Diagram

Optimise Your Cramming Time with This Venn Diagram

When you're studying for a test, you only have so much time to go over the material. If you don't know all of the stuff and are cramming last minute, this infographic shows how to strategically study, based on your subject "sweet spot".

This infographic is provided by Jennifer Lebowitz on Twitter. Given the topics that you know will definitely be on the test: briefly review the ones you definitely know, only skim the stuff you definitely don't know, and prioritise your studying on the stuff you're not sure if you know. That way, you'll get the most bang for your studying efforts. Here's the full version:

Optimise Your Cramming Time with This Venn Diagram

Jennifer Lebowitz [Twitter]


    Sorry but here is a Venn diagram to end all Venn diagrams... http://25.media.tumblr.com/8c3fc65d4ee2dfc7c38f7a3014fa155d/tumblr_miks06bFVp1qz4afoo1_1280.jpg

      @lemontang - There's a very sad and frustrated group of people in your diagram who like to draw circles on their work and put their coffee cups down but who don't like Venn Diagrams! These people must often look at their pages saying "Eww - Hate that now!"

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