OpenEmu Emulates Nearly Every Classic Console On Mac

OpenEmu Emulates Nearly Every Classic Console on Mac

Mac: OpenEmu is an all-in-one video game emulator where you can emulate your games, create collections and set up controllers for classic controls.

OpenEmu is powered by open source emulators, which means it can emulate Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Megadrive, Turbografx-16, and plenty more. It's also incredibly easy to use. You can set up controllers with different layout schemes for each console you're emulating, organise your games by console or into different libraries, and of course, play games.

OpenEmu scans your hard drive for games, supports lots of popular controllers out of the box, and automatically pulls the box art for you. Basically, it's the last emulator you'll need for your Mac.

OpenEmu (Free)


    Windows or Linux or GTFO

    Last edited 27/12/13 8:42 pm

      Well, you can GTFO then … I'll play on my MacBook Pro :)

      (Just braggin' cos the wife bought it for me as a Christmas present!)

      I don't do windows …

      Well, it's GTFO matey as because it has zero chance of coming to Windows or Linux :/

    Linux version would make life awesome. Otherwise looks fantastic. About time someone updated the emulators.

    so for this to work for me. I need to emulate OSX then once I've emulated OSX decently. I can then (quite happily) emulate my favorite ERA of gaming mario kart on the SNES Fucking brilliant!

      Or just get zsnes or something.
      None of the emulators are unique there just all in one handy frontend.

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