Office 365 Student Advantage Offers Free Office For Uni Students

University students, here's something to check on when you return next year: if your university has Office 365 ProPlus or Office Professional Plus licensed for staff, you can score a free Office 365 ProPlus licence. That lets you install Office on up to five devices for nothing.

The Student Advantage scheme was announced back in October and officially launched earlier this month (US-centric timing, obviously). Definitely worth throwing a reminder on your calendar when you head back to study.


    Awesome! Hopefully my uni will have this for next year! I already get free copies of windows through uni, so common Adobe, don'tcha wanna give me free stuffs too? :3

    Last edited 17/12/13 10:01 am

    I want a MAC version.

      Office 365 includes the option for a Mac client, so you already have one.

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