Must-Have Home Office Tech To Get Stuff Done

Must-Have Home Office Tech To Get Stuff Done

Whether your home office is a dedicated space or a desk in the corner of the kitchen, kitting it out correctly is vital. These are our recommendations for five key areas where the right technology makes all the difference.

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All of our recommendations for general office use apply here too; we’ve concentrated on gear that is particularly useful in a home office environment.

Home Server/NAS

We’d absolutely recommend backing up your work automatically to the cloud; check out our favourite cloud storage providers and our guide to automating backup. However, no backup solution should rely on a single point of failure. If you set up a home server, you’ll have an additional layer of backup, and an ideal location to store larger files you don’t access often. Check out our detailed guide to setting up a home server for more details.


We don’t live in a paperless world yet, and there will still be times when you require printed documents for presentations, airline check-ins, or financial records. For maximum flexibility, get an all-in-one unit that also includes a scanner; that way, you can scan and dispose of lots of documents, cutting down on the need for home filing.


There are two reasons you need a shredder. Firstly, once you’ve scanned all those documents like bank statements, you need to make sure they can’t be used for identity theft. Secondly, shredding paper is strangely therapeutic. Don’t skimp on a manual version; you want the satisfying sound of paper grinding. Shredder picture from Shutterstock

Standing Desk


We’re enormous enthusiasts for standing desks, and in a home environment you don’t have the hassle of persuading your boss to purchase one. You don’t have to spend a fortune either; a quick visit to IKEA will sort you out. It takes time to adjust to a standing desk, but it changes your whole approach to work.

Coffee Machine


Yes, sometimes taking a break and heading out to grab a coffee is good for your productivity. But if you’re not near a cafe or you tend to get distracted while out, adding a coffee machine will make your work environment more pleasant. Budget-minded? Think ALDI. Don’t want cleaning hassle? Think Nespresso. Coffee snob? Buy some expensive gear and take a barista course. If nothing else, that will give you a second source of income.

Stay tuned this week for more must-have tech recommendations. Tomorrow: tech for travel.


  • These seem rather biased.

    I get stuff done. I don’t user a printer, or a shredder. I don’t drink coffee, I don’t use a standing desk, and I don’t use a NAS. I have a dedicated server with many TB of storage instead.

  • This article would be much better if it was worded as a list of things to consider:

    1) You need to consider your backup strategy. This may involve a NAS.
    2) You need to consider how you will communicate. This may involve a printer.
    3) You need to consider security of online and offline data. This may involve a shredder.
    4) You need to consider ergonomics. This may involve a standing desk.
    5) You need to manage time and energy levels well. This may involve a coffee machine.

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