Mount A Raspberry Pi-Powered Google Calendar On Your Wall

Mount A Raspberry Pi-Powered Google Calendar On Your Wall

Calendars are great to have in your house, but no matter how appealing the pictures, you often neglect to update them with actual events in your life. Instructables user Piney wanted a smarter wall calendar, and built one with a Raspberry Pi and a LCD screen.

To actually construct this, you’ll need a Raspberry Pi, a cheap LCD screen, and some mounting tools. From there, the process is actually really simple, using some software hacks to get rid of the mouse cursor and make sure your Google Calendar is always open and full screen. The end result — an always-up-to-date calendar on your wall — is an awesome little trick. Head over to Instructables for the full guide.

Raspberry Pi Wall Mounted Google Calendar [Instructables]


  • I cant help but think how much more power efficient it would be to use a kobo or kindle with e-ink, rather than a constantly active display.

    • It’s also a size thing. A Kindle would be good for weather or other stats that don’t require a lot of reading, but for a Google Calendar, I’d want a bigger screen.

      The beauty is, the Pi draws a small amount of energy anyway (2.4 watts? Apparently a Logitech keyboard takes 0.11 watts or something), so if you turn the screen off when you’re not using it, your power usage wouldn’t really affect your overall bill.

  • I’ve been considering buying a few extra Pis for the house. I have one which is being used as a XBMC box (using OpenELEC. Best money I’ve spent in a while!) but want one or two more for general hacking purposes (such as turning them into an AirPlay-type thing where I can mount them in the roof and play music wherever I want)

    But I’ve already spent so much on Kickstarter projects and Hue light bulbs, I’ll have to sell more stuff online to pay for them..

  • What about hooking up a motion sensor so the screen turns on when you walk near it. Save a bit of power right?

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