Most Popular Entertainment Posts Of 2013

Most Popular Entertainment Posts Of 2013

From building media servers to writing fantasy fiction, we covered a wide range of how-to entertainment advice this year. These are the 10 most popular entertainment posts from Lifehacker in 2013.

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Go On A Blind Date… With A Book

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover — but what about the title, author and plot? In a bid to lure customers back from the ebook market, one plucky book store has begun selling novels that are completely wrapped in brown paper. A few vague words are your only hint to what lies within…

How To Watch The Melbourne Cup Online

No TV in the office but you still want to catch the Melbourne Cup? It’s no drama this year, with the race that stops the nation being broadcast live on Telstra’s Racing Network site.

What Porn Is Most Searched For In Each Australian State? (NSFW)

No surprise: people like to search for porn online. But are there any notable differences between what is popular in each Australian state? We decided to investigate. It turns out everything you fear about Tasmanians is true.

Top 10 Fantasy Writing Tips From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Author George R.R. Martin

Last night, A Game Of Thrones author George R.R. Martin took to the stage at the Sydney Opera House to discuss his popular fantasy series, the spin-off HBO TV show and his craft as a writer. Below are ten kernels of wisdom that could help budding authors write their own fantasy saga. (Surprisingly, ‘take your time’ isn’t one of them.)

Five Best Desktop Media Servers


Getting your music and movies from one computer to another computer across the house or across the world has never been easier. Apps make the process simple and painless, enabling you to watch movies on your smartphone when you’re out, or listen to music from your desktop in your upstairs bedroom. Here are five of the best, based on your nominations.

The Lifehacker Guide To Streaming Blocked Overseas Content


Region-blocked content is annoying — and avoidable. Whether you want Hulu on demand, instant access to the BBC iPlayer or a dose of iView when you’re working overseas, here are the best (and easiest) ways to get that content.

Turn A Raspberry Pi Into An XBMC Media Centre In Under 30 Minutes


The best home theatre PCs are small, quiet and inexpensive, so the bite-size, bargain-priced Raspberry Pi is the perfect choice. Here’s how to turn this little DIY board into a cheap, silent media centre in just half an hour.

Australia’s Best (Legal) Online Movie Services

Yesterday, we looked at the best streaming and catch-up services for TV shows. Today, we take a look at the movie equivalents, from Apple TV to BigPond Movies.

TiVo Appears Effectively Dead In Australia

Having dominated the US market for personal video recorders (PVRs) throughout the early 2000s, hopes were high for TiVo when it launched in Australia, backed by the Seven Network, back in 2008. But Tivo never got any significant traction, and almost five years down the track, the service appears to be close to death. You can’t even buy a new TiVo recorder anymore.

Google’s Australian Plans For The Chromecast And Nexus 7

Google unveiled two new pieces of hardware today: an update to its Nexus 7 tablet and the Chromecast, an HDMI device which plugs into your television to enable video streaming from a wide range of services, supported by a software development kit (SDK) that allow new apps to take advantage of the service. Unfortunately — and as is often the case with new Google hardware — Australian users won’t see them right away.