Make Ice With A Muffin Tin

Can't find the ice cube tray and need some serious cooling? Use a muffin tray to make gigantic ice cubes.

This one's really obvious in hindsight, but I'd never thought of it before. Just fill an empty muffin tin with water, freeze it for a few hours, and you'll have a collection of huge ice cubes that you can toss in a jug or large drink. Since the tray won't be very flexible, you may need to run some warm water over the cubes to get them out, but that's a small price to pay for making so much ice so quickly. Once you're done making ice, you can use the same method to freeze single servings of stock for easy storage.

10 Ways to Put a Muffin Pan to Good Use (Other Than Making Muffins!) [The Kitchn]


    you know what else works really well,
    anything that holds water...........

      like a bucket. or an inflatable pool. or a mug. or a shipping container.

    I had the same idea the other day, but used my Silicone muffin tray instead, so it is much easier to get the "cubes" out

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