Use Corn Chip Crumbs To Flavour Home-Made Bread

Corn chips have plenty of interesting uses, including being extremely flammable. It turns out that their crushed remains can also be used to make a tasty cheesy bread. This video from Bon Appetit shows us how it's done.

When crushed up finely enough, corn chips can actually give a really nice cheesy flavour to an otherwise simple bread recipe. Let's be clear: this is in no way healthy or good for you, but it is a fun repurposing of a normally throwaway snack food. Hit the link below for the full recipe.

How to Make Dorito Bread. Because You'll Want To [Bon Appetit]


    Also works well with crumbed chicken, use a bunch with some breadcrumbs for tasty cheesy crumbed chicken

    Oh, BBQ chips work much better for crumbing chicken...

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