Linux-Based, Gamer-Friendly SteamOS Arrives Later Today

Linux-Based, Gamer-Friendly SteamOS Arrives Later Today

Valve today launches its SteamOS, a linux-based gaming OS that promises both indie and triple-A games optimised for the platform in the future. It’s free to download, and free to develop for, as you’d expect – and should be available later this evening.

As noted over on Kotaku, the new OS is available to anyone. Valve have done a pretty good job lately of ensuring its games are all available on the format lately, as have others. It’s a pretty big step for Linux, let alone Linux gaming, with the latter term being written off as an oxymoron until recently.

The new software offers over 3000 games at PC prices right off the bat, and with Steam’s Big Picture mode, these can easily be played on a big screen TV. It’s also capable of streaming games from your main PC to a low-end box in your living room, if you’d rather save money and not have two hardware behemoths.

Check out the Steam OS site for more info, and presumably, when the time comes, a download link.


  • I don’t get it. This sounds like an announcement that Steam has cornered the tech support market for every gaming peripheral that doesn’t work under linux because there’s no drivers.

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