Lifehacker Awards 2013: Vote For The Best Bank

Lifehacker Awards 2013: Vote For The Best Bank

Voting is now open in the 2013 Lifehacker Awards! Here’s a reminder and a chance to vote for the best bank.

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Best Bank

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Thanks for voting! We’ll begin announcing the results from Monday 9 December. Want to vote in other categories? Check out our mega-voting post.


  • No bankwest :'(

    Great interest rates on savings / loans & they also have everyday transaction accounts “zero something” which absorb fees from using other ATMs… Plus They also include $100 overdraw into these accounts so no overdraw stupid overdraw fees. Service has been top notch as well imo.

    I have to highly recommend them.

  • This is totally stupid. I am with St George (not on the list) but not only this but I really think the community banks should be on there. Yes St George is owned by Westpac but they are still totally different beasts with different interest rates and loan packages, different tellers and branch locations etc. What about HSBC, Bendigo, Bank of QLD, ME Bank?

    • best (adj): of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality.

      Although banking as a whole is generally not a desirable experience, some banks have worked to be better than others. I have voted for ING Direct because I have found banking with them to be painfree and cost effective, and their customer service to be excellent.

      It is a bit silly to suggest that they are all as bad as each other and no one comes out on top. It would be like saying their is no best way to be hit by a car, yet if it is going to happen I would prefer to be nudged at 2km/h in a carpark instead of 110km/h on a highway.

  • I don’t understand the meaning of this poll. If a person banked with only one bank then to their knowledge that is the best bank in their mind (given that they are happy with the bank). Is the poll assuming that a person banked with several banks and out of them they would rank one? How many people in average bank with more than one bank?

    • Well I know about my own bank (which I do like), as well as stories from friends and family – I’ve heard complaints about everything from ATM fees to opening hours so I can compare that to my own bank. To the best of my knowledge I know mine is the best for me due to how much money I make and the fact that I’m eligible for a student account – however I know for many people a different bank would be a better choice depending on their own income/lifestyle/etc.

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