Keep Greeting Cards In Your Car For Emergency Thoughtfulness

Keep Greeting Cards in Your Car for Emergency Thoughtfulness

Traditionally, you use the glove box for storing your car's manual and perhaps a box of tissues. But redditor revmonkey1977 suggests you ought to add greeting cards as well. That way, you always have one handy if you need to bring one to an event.

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Photo by Uncooked and Moyan Brenn.

I figured this out a few years ago when my magical powers of procrastination prevented me from taking an assortment of Thank you, Birthday, Holiday, Sympathy cards out of my car. A couple months later, I was out with a friend and we got a call to come to a birthday party. Pulled out card, wrote hasty message and put in envelope. Suddenly I'm a really considerate guy with no real time commitment at all. The same thing happened three more times in quick succession.

Not a bad way to seem thoughtful without making much of an effort.

Keep Greeting Cards in your glovebox [Reddit]


    Not sure about the greeting cards, but I wouldn't mind that mustang.

    cool idea. I've often found myself wanting to grab one of those last minute, or having them stowed away in my boxes of stuff that i never get to.. keeping it in the glovebox, gold idea! =D thanks!!

    This is a problem I have encountered many times in an emergency, power steering belt snaps and I need to change it. Thank fuck I decided to keep a large variety of assorted greeting cards in my vehicle instead of fucking tools, that was the smartest thing I have ever done.

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