Keep A Fitted Sheet From Slipping With Velcro

Keep A Fitted Sheet From Slipping With Velcro

Fitted sheets can be a pain. There’s no inherent way to know how to get them on in the right orientation and they can slip around on the bed if they’re not perfect. The solution is simple: velcro.

First, you’ll need some industrial-strength velcro. It helps to sew it in, but the adhesive kind can work if you stick it to a flat edge of your mattress. You want to put the rough part of the velcro on the mattress and the soft part on the sheet. You’ll need to at least sew on the sheet portion or the velcro will come off in the wash.

Put velcro on all four corners but pick one corner to have a unique shape or something different from the other three. This way you can tell which corner matches up to a certain corner on the bed. For example, you could make a dot with a permanent marker on the left-bottom corner’s velcro.

This might be a bit of work up front, but shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to accomplish. When you’re done, you’ll have a fitted sheet that stays put and can tell you exactly how to put it on your bed.

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  • I must say, I’ve never had any problems with a fitted bottom sheet dislodging. Maybe this tip applies to the cheap and nasty ones that have elastic straps on the corners and not full elastic all the way round.

    Fitted top sheets and blankets (bottom edge only of course) make bed making even easier. Fit, pull up, done.

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