Invert Broom Heads To Organise Your Desk

Invert Broom Heads To Organise Your Desk

An organised desk leads to an organised mind. Get yours in order by just inverting a broom head to store most of the junk on your tabletop, like pens and office stationery, and even create a cool charger dock for your smartphone.

Obviously, you should get yourself a new broom head and not a used one for this. In her Instructables guide, Paige Russell recommends gluing rubber feet at the corners on the back so that it stays steady on your desk, and gives your charger cable space to go under it. Most things stay vertical, like pens and scissors, but you’ll need to do a little work to get a space to charge your phone:

There’s a natural space in the middle of the bristles of each broom head where the holes for the broom handle are. This is where your phone will be housed while charging. On ONLY ONE of the broom heads, take your scissors and trim up that space until your phone slides in and out easily. BE CAREFUL! If you cut too much away your phone won’t stand up straight.

Take your phone charging cable and feed it through the bristles into the hole that has the threads, USB end first. Pull it all the way through so the end that plugs into your phone is just sticking up above the bristle tops.

Russell used a double-wide brush head, but you can use a bigger size if you want. Keeping the charger cable steady might be a little tricky if you are using a microUSB cable (Russell used the old iPhone charger in her guide), so if you try this out and figure out a cool way, let us know in the comments!

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  • At first I thought it said, “Invert broom handles to organise your desk” and thought wth. After realising what it actually said, I still think with. Also the one in the picture doesn’t look like a double wide broom head. Looks more like two brushes you use to polish boots/scrape paint off something.

      • Just as I thought! So the title is then somewhat misleading. Should be “Invert brushes that you use to polish boots or scrape paint off stuff to organise your desk”. Doesn’t sound as nice of course, but is definitely truthful.

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