Improve Your Pitch With Intercourse

Improve Your Pitch With Intercourse
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That… That didn’t sound right. Sometimes it can be hard asking people face to face for honest feedback — Intercourse is a new iOS app that allows you to get feedback in real-time.

It doesn’t have to be a pitch, really. It can be any kind of presenation, or reading, or, hell, even a debate or sports performance. Anything you want real-time feedback for, from an audience of many — just give them the link, and they can add “Like!” or “Meh” emoticons throughout. The app records what you do, and timestamps each emoticon or comment, so you can watch it back later and see which points earned what feedback.

Intercourse is developed by Murray Hurps and Ronald Suwandi from Fishburners in Sydney, which sees more than its fair share of tech-related pitches — and I’m betting when pitching people, as with a lot of other presentation activities, it can be hard to get brutally honest feedback. That’s perhaps another way that Intercourse can help, adding a barrier between the presenter and the audience to help find out what people really think, before your idea is unleashed on the public.

But really, with an app like this, the sky is the limit — use it for anything you’d want feedback on. Check out the site here.

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    • ^ Ditto!

      I’d prefer to re-write a few lines though..

      * “Intercourse… allows you to get feedback in real-time”
      * “That’s perhaps another way that Intercourse can help… to help find out what people really think, before you’re unleashed on the public.”

    • I read something on one of the UK news websites once about how there’s a new technique to warm up your vocal chords which involves holding a vibrator to your throat and humming lol

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