How To Make A Micro Hydroelectric Power Plant

It’s on the back of all of our minds – the zombie apocalypse is coming, and when the time comes to huddle in a bunker, what are we going to do for power? Blogger Manfred Mornhinweg has a blog series on setting up his personal paradise, and part of that includes renewable power from a nearby stream. He was nice enough to provide an abundance of photos so we all know what’s involved.

It’s actually a little harder than I would’ve thought – and I didn’t exactly think it was easy. There is probably an easier way, however. While Mornhinweg’s setup can generate around 9kW of power (though he keeps it at 4), apparently he didn’t see Gizmodo’s post about this bucket which can generate power, or this Hydrovolt – the latter of which can generate 12kW of power each.

Still, it’s an amazing self-sustenance project, and it has some nice features once underway, such as the ability to self-clean. You can check out the full post here. If you’ve ever wanted to do something similar, or just wondered what’s involved, the photographic evidence should both inspire and intimidate you.

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